Doce Pares is one of the world’s leading organization in promoting the traditional Philippine martial art known as Eskrima or Arnis (stick fighting).

“Doce Pares” is a Spanish term that means ‘Twelve Pairs’. However, the term has been given several meanings. One, refers to the twelve basic strikes that are common in most Eskrima styles and schools and their twelve basic block and counters to these strikes. Another more romantic explanation is in reference to the famous twelve bodyguards of Emperor Charlemagne of France (AD 768-814), who were all top swordsmen. They were known to have fought and killed hundreds of their enemies in battles. The final explanation is that it was meant to honor the twelve Masters, who originally formed the organization. And when the membership rose to twenty four at the time of the inauguration, the term “Doce Pares”, indeed became more significantly fitting, indeed.

Since its founding, Doce Pares has enjoyed a special reputation among Philippine martial arts organizations, as the developer and innovator of the newest styles and techniques in Eskrima and has always been acknowledged as a great contributor in the promotion of the Filipino Fighting Arts locally and abroad through tournaments, seminars, workshops, live demonstrations and other martial art events.

In 2008, Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation created the Doce Pares Hall of Fame for the purpose of giving recognition to deserving Martial Artists and enthusiasts for their efforts and valuable contribution towards the advancement and promotion of Doce Pares Eskrima and the Filipino martial arts, in general.